Nursing Practice and Its Challenges

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Introduction Over the recent years, nursing has faced several challenges and emerging issues that affect the health welfare of the society at large. Despite efforts being set to tackle the challenges, still the nursing industry proofs, to be difficult to changes laid. Example of challenges facing nursing includes; nurses etiquette while in work, commitment to their work, commitment to their profession as nurses, meeting patients' expectations, shortage of nurses and commitment to patients. Problem In the current century, shortage of nurses is the biggest challenge to health institutions. It is approximated that, in the year 2006, there was a shortage of 118,000 nurses, and an approximation of 1million shortage of nurses will be experienced in 2020 (US Congress, 2007). The key problem leading to nurse shortages is lack of proper basis to educate future nurses, lack of enough funds, lack of enough educational equipment and poor nursing schools infrastructure that hinder the nursing educational centers from admitting a larger number during every admission of new nurses. Fewer admissions of younger nurses create nursing gap whenever the old retire, with less of young and new nurses. Attrition contributes to the shortage, in that among five, one did not expect to practice nursing as a profession. Global shortage is also a threatening problem to nursing, in that the rising rate of pandemics, wars, drought, poor economies and HIV/AIDS is a threat to nursing industry.
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