Nursing Practice in a Given Scenario

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Nursing Practice and Responsibilities 2 Introduction "Many older people fear that a hospital stay could leave them even more disabled than they were before. Unfortunately, there's new reason to believe this fear is justified. Elderly patients who are hospitalized are at much higher risk of cognitive problems afterward, according to a study published on Wednesday in the journal Neurology." Joan would have to witness a number of stressful psychological factors. For one he would be unfamiliar with his new surroundings. He had lived with his daughter in law and son for quite some time and now was accustomed to that environment. He had adjusted to it. This new environment may be a source of intimidation for him. He may be sharing a room with people he hardly knows and are hence complete strangers to him. There may be several stressful triggers like a new bed, an eccentric smell, the room being too hot or cold or having to eat cold or tasteless food. "The sources of stress for and threats to patients arise from circumstances of the hospital setting, the behaviour of hospital staff, the patients' own behaviour and the built hospital environment. Although anxiety and distress are negative states that most people would choose to avoid anyway, they are particularly relevant when their influence on physical recovery is examined. The various ways in which stress can slow recovery and in which buffers against stress can speed recovery are of central importance to the training of
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