Nursing Preceptorship Paper

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The first week of preceptorship went fairly well. It made it a little difficult to have two different nurses, as they both expected things a bit differently. One nurse wanted me to shadow her the first day, and not do much, and the second nurse, which I had the second day asked me to be more hands on next time. If I knew this before the start of the shift I would have done that from the beginning. However, I will just be that much more confident in myself the next shift with that nurse. The second nurse did allow me to do more things throughout the shift, and actually preform an assessment on a patient, which I think helped me feel more comfortable and gave me confidence and experience for the next time.
I got to practice with the nurse drawing
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A part of this chapter talked about how you may not feel independent if your nurse is guiding you step by step through a procedure, however you actually still are being independent, and as the shifts go on you will notice more progress and engage in reflective professional practice. No matter what you don’t know in a situation, the nurse will be there with you guiding you. It is okay not to know everything, and what you didn’t know then, will only help you in what you know now, and for the next time when that procedure is needed. Reflective professional practice is defined as “the ability to look back in order to look forward with more clarity and discernment.” I think this statement is so bold and true, because in order to learn, you have to look back on past experiences, even if they weren’t good experiences, in order to look forward and grow. I think this goes along with the nursing competency of collaboration and team work because not everyone alone can know every possible thing, and helping each other is how nurses grow professionally and individually. Each week I am going to look back on my experiences, and learn from the good and the bad and gain that much more confidence in my
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