Nursing Process Discipline and Independent Nursing Essay

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Nursing process discipline is a nursing theory developed by nursing theorist, Ida Jean Orlando. This theory, one of the first written about the nursing process, was written to help establish nursing as an independent function in providing health care for a patient. Through this independent nursing function, Orlando developed her theory on the concept of the nurse-patient interaction. During that interaction the nurse recognizes a patient behavior as an “… immediate need for help” (George, 2011, p. 165). This “immediate” need must be correctly identified by the nurse, so the nurse may provide care to relieve the need for help experienced by the patient. Orlando’s creation of the nursing process discipline helped to further establish …show more content…
166). Both verbal and non-verbal behaviors are recognized by Orlando as occurring simultaneously. When verbal and non-verbal behaviors are not consistent with one another, it is felt that a patient develops a feeling of helplessness (George, p. 166). This feeling of helplessness is a distress behavior, verbal, non-verbal, or both, that a nurse recognizes as an experience a patient is unable to resolve on their own. This distress behavior is a sign that the nurse recognizes as a “cry for help” and from that a nurse may develop a nurse reaction.
Second Concept, the Nurse Reaction to Patient Behavior
The nurse reaction to patient behavior is the true beginning of the nursing process discipline. This is when the nurse uses her clinical skills to help recognize both the verbal and non-verbal communication of the patient behavior. This reaction by the nurse, described by George (2011), happens in “…three sequential parts” (p. 166). First, the nurse must be able to recognize the behavior through her senses. Once this behavior is recognized the nurse has an “…automatic thought” (George, 2011, p. 167). The “…automatic thought” then produces a “…automatic feeling” (George, 2011, p. 167). An example given in George’s (2011) writing helps better understand how this works:
For example, the nurse sees a patient grimace, thinks he is in pain, and feels concern. The nurse then shares

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