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The nursing process is described as being an individualised problem solving approach in which patients receive nursing care. The nursing process consists of four distinct phases, each having a discreet role in the process, theses phases of the process are: assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. (Oxford Dictionary of Nursing 2003) It is important that the four stages of the process from assessment to evaluation are carried out sequentially because each phase follows logically from one to the other. As a result the maximum well-being of the patient is always the key issue and the nurse is aware and confident of action to be taken during intervention. This essay will describe the nursing process and the importance each of the…show more content…
However this may lead to conflict as the nurse and the patient may have different priorities from each other, for example, if the patient requires a blood transfusion but they are a Jehovah witness. It has been accepted that planning is a process which offers patient 's active involvement in deciding, agreeing and knowing how their health will be managed, thus allowing the patient 's ethical belief to stay intact. (Department of Health 2006 (DH)). Once the planning stage of the nursing process is completed the next stage is intervention. The intervention phase of the nursing process is the beginning of the practical nursing care to the patient. Details of treatment are clearly given to and are acknowledged by the patient. Thus goals laid out in planning will be achieved by the patient and nursing staff. Throughout this phase the nurse will continually review the patient to ensure that the interventions are successful (Jyoti Beck 2011). It has been suggested that the early phase of intervention is time consuming. However as soon as the procedures are integrated into daily standard care they become more manageable even when they are in addition to the current workloads as long as the goals are in suitable practice (Maria Dunckley et al 2005). This suggests that the nurse must ensure that they never undermine the care of a patient 's everyday needs as these are as important as the action

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