Nursing Process

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Associate Degree Nursing Program Nursing Process Paper |Maslow's Needs and |Assessment: Subjective |Nursing Diagnosis |Outcome Criteria/Goals |Nursing Interventions/ Nursing |Rationale plus |Evaluation/ | |Rationale for Need |Data and Objective Data |(Include the related |(Needs to be |Orders |Reference |Actual Outcome | | |(Designate Which) |to reason) |measureable) |(Individualize to patient/family)| | | | | | |…show more content…
Change pads often and teach |1. Use of correct cleaning technique and |Outcome met. Mother | |Mother need. |direct contact with a bloody |related to |the site of her |perineal cleansing technique to avoid|dry pads decreases the chances of spreading|demonstrated good | | |pad at all times. (o) |disruption of tissue|episiotomy repair will |infection during my shift. |germs from anal area and deprives them of a|hand-washing technique, | |Maslow need: | |integrity of |remain free of infection| |moist environment to reproduce in. |good peri care during | |Physiological |2. mother has been observed |perineum secondary |during my shift, and |2. Instruct mother on the importance | |bathroom breaks, and | | |not to wash hands during |to interventions at |mother will voice |of hand washing for her own health as|2. Frequent hand washing with correct |ordered a good meal and | |Rationale: |trips to the bathroom (o) |time of delivery. |understanding of |well as that of her baby during my |technique reduces the spread of germs. |plenty of fluids during | |This is a basic need | | |rationale for and

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