Nursing Profession : Ian Andrews Essay

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Introduction On January 19th, 2009, Ian Andrews was given a seven-month suspension from the nursing profession. A year prior, Andrews was working as a full-time practical nurse at a mental health and addictions hospital located in Ontario. The client affected by Andrews ' actions was an elderly individual, who was diagnosed with autism and presented occasional periods of rage and fury. The client’s care plan involved managing periods of aggressiveness through staff support and the use of restraints, as necessary. On the day of the incident, staff nurses noticed that upon the client’s grunt, Andrews punched the client in the face several times, as the client tried to cover his face. Andrews then took the client into the bathroom where thudding noises were heard. Upon arrival, the nurses noticed Andrews standing over the client uninjured, with the wall covered with traces of blood and a broken faucet resting in the sink. Later in the evening, Andrews ' left a progress note within the client 's chart which described that the client had injured himself due to a period of restlessness. Upon patient assessment, a wound was noted on the client’s bottom lip along with minor lacerations present at the back of the client’s head. After careful consideration of Ian Andrews’ case, CNO’s discipline committee took several steps in order to ensure the client 's and public 's safety. One of the decisions made by the committee required Andrews to complete a series of anger management
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