Nursing Professional Development Plan

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Professional Development Plan: Professional development is entirely about constant learning and education to enable me as a nurse, deliver the paramount services to my patients and society. The reason for this assignment is to allow me to provide a depiction of my educational, professional background as well as personal goals correlated to the course work and the practicum. “Your professional development should NOT be random or ad hoc! Your learning should be well thought-out, systematic and managed in such a way as to ensure that you always have the current knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe, caring and effective health care” (Learning Nurse Resources Network, 2008). Most registered nurses want to be known as having moral…show more content…
I graduated with a good G.P.A and that made my proud of myself because the truth is after an abusive relationship you do not think much of yourself afterwards. Therefore, I grabbed unto anything that brought positivity into my life. I have been a Nurse for four years and counting. I am an Oncology Nurse at Parkland Hospital and Healthcare System. I work in the Outpatient clinic taking care of cancer patients. Parkland is my first Job after graduating college and I have been with Parkland Hospital since the begin of my career. Currently, I hold certifications in basic life support (BLS), advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and Chemotherapy and Biotherapy. I am working on getting my Oncology Nurse Certification. Outpatient clinic is all I know however my experiences are varied. I am currently the new navigator for Lung/ENT clinic as well as Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) clinic though both are challenging clinics with a minimum of 80 patient daily (on Tuesday afternoons and Friday afternoons) it is a learning opportunity. Before becoming a Navigator, I assisted in Bone marrow procedures, Intrathecal Chemotherapy and lumbar puncture to mention but a few. I am also the currently our Unit Base Council Chair. Professional Goals Developing career objectives is one of the furthermost significant activities that a person can do to boost professional development and guarantee rising ranking in the nursing profession. Thus, two years from now, I know I will still be
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