Nursing Professional Development Specialists Are All Based On Education

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Nursing Professional Development Specialists are all about having nursing knowledge, practicing, learning principles, management, leadership and continuing the education. This identifies that nursing specialty is all based on education, learning about new technology about science, medicine, using nursing critical skills research and practice during Nursing Professional Development (ANA). This is the lifelong learning that allows a nurse to develop, maintain and expand competence in professional nursing, and continue to achieve career goals in Nursing Professional. Institute of Medicine’s Future of Nursing Recommendations The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s (RWJF) Initiative on The Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) (Committee) was formed to identify the ways how to transform the profession of nursing, so it will meet the goals, objectives and upcoming challenges with the health care system, so patients and their families will continue to receive quality of care. The report on their findings was released 2010. According to this report committee made several changes regarding the education and training of both pre licensure and established nursed throughout the career. Their main focus was on preparing a student’s career in nursing at associate, undergraduate and graduate levels. This was very important for the committee to recognize that how to well-prepared nurses across the health care continuum to arrange opportunities for nurses to improve their

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