Nursing Professional Identity Essay

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This essay will focus on how historical developments of nursing impact on contemporary representations of the nursing profession. It will examine professional identity of the profession and further discusses the value of modern nursing, social, cultural and political factors that influence the professional identity of the nurse. I will also discuss the professional regulation and the role of the nurse’s midwifery Council (NMC) in the protection of the public. Finally, this essay will discuss nursing education, the media, stereotype, and their impacts on nurses as well as demonstrate my understanding as a student nurse to challenge the professional identity of nurses. Professional identity is defined as a person’s professional…show more content…
Oakley (1975) highlighted that women did work in jobs associated with supposed female skills for example cleaning. Until the mid 19th century nursing was not an activity, which was thought to demand either training or skills as nightingale stated that nursing was left to those were too drunken, who had no money for apprenticeship or too dirty (Allen,2001). Carol (2011) who pointed out that respectable woman were not interested in hospital jobs because it was considered as menial jobs and nursing was described as duties of servants. However, in the 19th century flounce Nightingale changed nursing practice, where she was commonly referred to as lady of the lamp.(Finkelman and Kenner,2013). Nightingale established a domestic mode of nursing training in which education of nurses was about the information of character at the Saint Thomas Hospital (Carol, 2011). According to Nightingale the tasks of every nurse was not only to care for the sick but to act as a public agent of moral reform, and to weaken the power of medical men (Nelson, 2010). Rafferty (1996) argue that, nursing education established in the 19th centuries was a sign of inspirational moral values and virtues, which persist that, modern education of nursing lies in the middle of professional work that can dwell in an essential point in the influential of occupational culture and politics of
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