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A Nursing Professional Organization
The National Association of Hispanic Nursing

This research paper is on The Nurse Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN). I will explain the primary mission of this organization and it’s contributing factor and benefits to nursing. The impact of the organization on the community, the political stand point and supportive issues it has on nursing, the resources it provides on the web and to health professionals and the public, the choices for scholarship and continuing education, if any local chapters are located in the community and participation is allowed, my consideration of joining this organization, and advantages and disadvantages of participating in this nursing
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The benefits of being a member of the NAHN are that you are able to be heard by voicing you concerns with issues that are troubling the health care of Hispanics. Membership also allows you to be active participant in projects and in the election or position on the board. These benefits also allow you to do continuing education and opportunities at national conference, reduced rates at educational facilities, national conferences and subscription fees, professional and social networking, and leadership development, scholarship opportunities, awards for community services and education excellence, research, and support of national health care initiatives.
The NAHN is a politically active organization that advocates the needs of the Hispanic community and the Hispanic nurses, recommend solutions, they publicize and advocate research findings and policy changes, increase awareness needs of Hispanics, and represent the Hispanic nurses in voice and action. The NAHN promotes the enlistment and retaining of Hispanic students in nursing education programs, to increase the bilingual services to the communities, advancement in the Hispanic nurse profession, and management is also supported.
The web resources and social media that is accessible and free to the professional and public. NAHN has a free newsletter that is posted called NAHN at a glance, which contains all the latest news, project, political issues on health and legislative
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