Nursing Professionalism: An Evolutionary Concept Analysis

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Professionalism in Nursing The nursing profession is a highly respectable yet challenging field. Nurses are faced each day with new obstacles and new technologies that they must keep up with. The registered nurse of modern times is seen as an upstanding position with great responsibility. One of the most essential, if not the most important to a registered nurse, is professionalism. Professionalism in nursing is essential in providing clients and other staff members optimal health in which the environment we work in. Nursing utilizes evidence-based practice or, in other words, practices that have proven over time to work. Nurses contribute to the medical field in a variety of ways, including professionalism. Nurses discuss evidence that contributes to solve problems, provide care that reflects positive outcomes for patients, doctors and other organizations, as well as come up with ideas that manifest into successful practices (RNAO, 2007). Nursing, itself, is a…show more content…
Ghadirian, M. Salsali, and M. Cheraghi, the main research was to ‘identify the core attributes of the nursing professionalism’. The authors followed Rodger’s evolutionary method of concept analysis, which is an exercise develop to have the person who is researching become as familiar with a variable (Ghadirian et. al., 2014). Rodgers method focuses on the development of holistic knowledge in nursing, as a science. The authors followed Rodger’s method by utilizing books and articles that were thoroughly examined and analyzed. The results identified that nursing, as a professional career, is determined by cognitive, attitudinal and psychomotor skills (Ghadirian et. al., 2014). Many factors can be included when determining the final data including demographics, education and environment. They concluded that nursing professionalism is ‘complex’,’ dynamic’ and emphasized just how important professionalism is in
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