Nursing Professionalism Essay

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What is Nursing Professionalism? Cathy Soto Nursing 408 Transitions in Professional Nursing Linda Jacobson 9/21/2011 Abstract According to Maister (1997) "true professionalism means the pursuit of excellence, not just competence". Nurses must be competent in their pursuit of excellence. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Position Statement, rapidly expanding clinical knowledge and mounting complexities in health care mandate that professional nurses possess educational preparation commensurate with the diversified responsibilities required of them. Preparation of the entry level professional nurse requires a greater orientation to community-based primary health care and an emphasis on health…show more content…
We all have a voice in how our jobs are done and ways to improve them. We just need to get them heard. Life changing events had a great impact on me becoming a nurse. In 1992, my husband was suddenly diagnosed with colon cancer. We had two small children, and I only worked as a hostess in a buffet. He was the sole bread winner of the household. He had a colon resection and then underwent a year of chemotherapy. After he was diagnosed, I decided I needed to have a job that could support my family in the event my husband would not be able to care for us. I enrolled in college to pursue a nursing degree. I thought why not nursing it's a respectable job and they make decent money. It took me a long time to get through my prerequisites. I had some stumbling blocks to get over along the way. In 1993 my father in law passed a way exactly a year the day my husband had his surgery, he died of colon cancer. In 1995, my husband's cancer reoccurred, I lost my father to cancer and we also lost my brother in law to colon cancer. Then in 1996, we buried one of my step brothers, who was 23 years old, he died in a motorcycle accident. One would think that after seeing so much death in such a short period of time why would I still want to be a nurse. But I was determined to be a registered nurse. After getting into the program, the more I became
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