Nursing: Providing The Best Possible Care For Patients

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Personal Nursing Philosophy Nursing has developed from its original roots, to become a personal philosophy to those who practice it. This paper describes my personal philosophy of nursing that I plan to practice in my own personal career. I believe that nursing is founded on the principles of it being a helping process with a focus on interpersonal relationships between a nurse and someone else. Nursing not only involves treating an illness, but it also provides quality patient-centered care. My philosophy involves having a strong base knowledge of medicine as well as being able to provide compassionate patient-centered care. I believe nursing is holistic and committed to achieving the best patient outcome. My belief of nursing being…show more content…
The book definition of health is that it is a state of well-being free from disease (Finkleman and Kenner, 2013, p. 55). My personal definition of health is that it is a life experience of well-being that is characterized by soundness or wholeness. Having health means a person can continually adjust to internal and external stimuli while maintaining harmony, soundness, and comfort. Health is vital to my philosophy because as a nurse, it is my duty to promote health. Promoting health for the person makes the environment easier for the person to maintain their harmony. In order to promote health, I believe that it is vital to mobilize healthy patterns of living, foster personal and family development, and support self-defined goals of individuals, families, communities, and populations ( Finkleman and Kenner, 2013, p. 55; ANA 2010a, p. 23). Health of the patient, health of the healthcare professionals, and health of the environment is significant to my personal nursing philosophy. Health is the base for which I place my philosophy on. Without an established of promoting health, then the rest of my philosophy will fail. Promoting health helps prevent illness or injury and improve treatment which results in a patient’s health being whole and sound. Nursing is just as important to my philosophy as health is. Nursing is the core for which my philosophy stands. It is the relationship which provides caring moments, therapeutic self-care,

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