Nursing Pyramid

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Base of pyramid\Physical and Social Sciences This includes info on how the physical world works and how components interact, Courses already taken, biology, math, chemistry, physiology, pathophysiology, anatomy
Here we use knowledge to some complex patient care issues
Other main component is social sciences-psychology, sociology, economics, finance, adult learning theories
Discuss how knowledge of basic physical and social science impact nursing decisions and intervention. Consider how your knowledge of theories affect your assessment and decisions about patient care in your practice setting
Next level/Nursing Metaparadigm
This provides the framework for understanding the 4 basic components of interest to the nursing profession-
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Concepts like pain are subjective but we can ask a patient to put a number of magnitude on the experience as he perceives it
Examples of Middle Range theories are grief, sorrow, comfort, helplessness, resourcefulness
Discuss how the nurses knowledge of middle range concepts pain, nausea, breathlessness anxiety, etc, supports decision about patient care, show an example
Next level/ Evidence based practice/ Assessments, plans and interventions
These are designed to promote good patient outcomes, In the past, many functions were based in tradition, turn q 2hrs, a common practice done for years w/o any real data to support. Recent years, emphasis on changing nursing practice on basis of sound research and converting more interventions to ones based on data. EBP is a growing body of practice in nursing. Nursing informatics is a growing field that allows nurses to collect and analyze data that will help create more effective outcomes
Discuss any change in your practice that was based on research, what prompted the change and what was the outcome
+OSA screening, plan for longer recovery time for patient with O2, making sure someone was home w/ post surg pt, more needs for sleep studies that are helping w/ early

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