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In October 2005 the Quality and Safety Education for Nursing program was established. This program is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. QSEN was developed specifically for future nurses to understand and be aware of key challenges such as the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are essential to constantly advance the quality and safety of the way healthcare systems work. The goal for QSEN is to reshape the identity of nursing so it includes the recommendations by the Institute of Medicine so there is a commitment to the quality and safety proficiency (Dycus, 2009). QSEN has strived to place initiatives in pre-licensure programs so when licensed, they are up to date and educated on necessary skills. For pre-licensure…show more content…
Teamwork and collaboration with other healthcare providers is very important. To function effectively there needs to be mutual respect, open communication, and shared decision making in the best interest of the patient. As a member of a team it is vital to know ones own strengths and limitations, this way patients receive the best care. Evidence based practice is when recent research is integrated into the clinical setting for maximum delivery of health care. A lot of evidence based practice was developed from research studies conducted by nurses such as decubitis ulcer prevention. Knowing and demonstrating the scientific methods and processes will help to advance nursing care by providing better interventions for patient care. Patient care plans should be developed based on evidence (Dycus, 2009). With monitoring outcomes from evidence based practice it can be determined if the care caused improvement in the healthcare setting. Using quality measures such as charts and diagrams to understand performance. If care provided to a patient is not safe, than the intervention is ineffective and therefore not helping to improve that patient’s quality of life. To help provide a safe environment, observation and communication are extremely important. Inform the patient and family of any interventions before proceeding with them to insure the patient
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