Nursing Record For Legal Aspects

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adds thoroughness to the patient’s medical record for legal aspects. The newly installed badge readers were recently attached to all PCs located in physician workrooms. These devices allow the physicians the ability to place their badges onto the reader and it will instantly log them into the system. Another hardware device used by physicians is fingerprint readers. When physicians prescribe controlled substances, they place their finger onto the fingerprint to authenticate their identity and the prescription will be automatically routed to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. In the hospital clinics, cameras are used by access facilitators, (front desk support staff) to capture the patient’s photo and upload it into their chart. Physicians are able to view the photo when view the patient’s chart to help identify the patient. Positive and negative feedback was received from the support staff in the hospital and clinics regarding the performance of the system. Some users mentioned that they admire how quickly the system processes information and its ease of use. Other users mentioned how the systems crashes and freezes frequently, which causes hiccups in their workflow. During the interview with Montaque Lee, he mentioned that they keep a record of all the feedback and recommendations given from the end-users. Lee stated that it is the responsibility of the IT department to help streamline and improve the system for the entire organization. “Those who are robust to technology
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