Nursing Reflection

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This semester I felt like I thoroughly met most of my goals. I had the opportunity to revisit the social determinants of health, become more aware of my personal identity, and work with a palliative client, as well as, individuals with involved families. In my practice this semester I worked in Nelson home health at the beginning of the year. This was a wonderful opportunity for me as I got to experience many things that I was unfamiliar with. I loved having the opportunity to go into client’s homes as the power dynamic completely shifted. This experience altered my personal relational care, as I accumulated a better understanding of power-overs and peace-powers. I obtained a better understanding of my own ability to control power in relationships. Additionally, I was able to better understand the social determinants of health and their impacts, as it was a foremost concern in this area of nursing. Barriers to their health and healing were greatly impacted and seen in home health. For example I worked with a client with mobility issues that lived in a rental with numerous stairs, as health care providers we needed to figure out a way to eliminate this barrier to their health. I did lots of education, wound care, and PICC dressings in this setting. I substantially learned about inter-professional collaboration in this rotation. The nurses that work at nelson home health are constantly collaborating with doctors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, pharmacy, the

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