Nursing Reflection: Non-English Speaking Patients

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For any mother the birth of a newborn child can be a challenging experience. As nurses it is part of our job to ensure their experience is positive. We can help do this by providing the information they will need to affective care for their newborn. This information includes topics such as, breastfeeding, jaundice, when to call your doctor and even how to put your baby to sleep. When the parents have an understanding of these topics before discharge it can largely reduce their natural anxiety accompanied with the transition to parenthood. Health teaching for new parents is seen as such an important aspect of care on post-partum floors it is actually a necessary component that needs to be covered before the hospital can discharge the…show more content…
For this reason the nurse must change her health teaching style to that of which the patient can understand in order to provide the effective health teaching. Conaty-Buck (2009) states in order to do this we need to take a multifactorial approach to care by using different means of communication, not only to teach the patient, but to verify understanding. Pashley (2012) suggests several methods for the nurse to incorporate when providing health teaching to an ESL patient. Some of these suggestions include, making eye contact with the patient when using an interpreter, using normal language, but not technical medical terminology, check with the interpreter for understanding and provide clarification on any topics that are not readily understood (Pashley, 2012) .If as nurses we can do this effectively and the new parents/patients have sufficient health teaching as a result it would decrease health risks for the patient as well as decrease demands the health care system by decreasing the number of preventable return visits by these patients (Conaty-buck, 2009). Providing this health teaching took up the majority of my day and I was only assigned one patient. This made me reflect on what the care might be like if I had multiple dyads, would they receive all the health teaching they need? When
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