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Critical thinking and clinical reasoning are essential for a sound clinical judgement. Nurses use critical thinking models and processes to support and organize the interventions that they perform in the clinical setting. In the scenario of Mr. Patient requesting for a DNR order, I used the nursing process to formulate appropriate nursing actions and the lasater’s clinical judgment model guide my reflection. In this paper, I will describe the skills that was used in relation to nursing process, provide analysis of the model and application of learning in terms of CNO competencies, and evaluate my clinical decision-making in terms of patient outcomes. While, the nursing process served as guide to organize my thought process in relation to…show more content…
On one hand, the patient’s pain level is eight out of ten while on the other, patient needs a DNR order. In the end, we prioritize the need for DNR order over pain medication administration as I anticipated a change of level of consciousness once the morphine was given. Although the patient needs the medication for pain, it was not the main priority. The chief concern was to get the physician to discuss the DNR to the patient. In other words, we identified that the patient must be scheduled to talk to the physician about the DNR order as the foremost patient-centered outcome and reduce the pain to less than three out of ten as the secondary outcome. In the intervention phase, I used ISBAR to communicate the need for DNR order to the physician and then proceeded with giving the pain medication while adhering to the 10 rights of medication administration.For evaluation, I went back to patient’s room to assess for the therapeutic effect of the medication and fulfilment of the outcomes identified in planning phase. I choose the nursing process as the crititcal thinking structure because it is the basis of all the activities performed in the scenario. The series and flow of actions may seem obvious but each is supported by rationale that is organized through the nursing process. Nursing process is the basis of how nurses think, organize patient care, formulate rationale for their clinical judgement and ensure overall safety in practice. The process is fluid in

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