Nursing Reflective Essay

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The nursing profession carries high standards of care, and reflective practice is one the ways of assisting nurses with reviewing their practice standards and ensuring it is continuously satisfactory. Throughout this essay the concept of reflective practice, what it is and how it can benefit nurses will be reviewed, and a personal reflection of traits will be conducted and a career plan will be formulated. To understand why reflective practice is important for nurses, it is crucial to understand the meaning of reflection. Reflection comes from the Latin verb reflectere, which means to bend backwards or to turn around (Daly, J., Speedy, S., & Jackson, D, 2013). As a nurse, reflective practice is the process of questioning and analysing your practice in order to ensure optium practice (Kenny. L, 2017). Reflective is beneficial as it assists with personal and intellectual growth (Tashiro, Shimpuku, Naruse, Maftuhah & Matsutani 2013), and is a way to comprehend why things occur (Johns, 2013). Reflective practice also ensures the practice does not become routine but instead aligned with the nurses values (Daly et al., 2013). Looking at my traits, attributes and…show more content…
In order for me to achieve this I have put forth a career plan. I have begun my Bachelor of Nursing (BN) this year and will complete it in 3 years (2020) if I continue doing full time study as planned. This degree will act as the foundation in my plan, as I will learn essential concepts such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, the care I need to provide etc. Upon completing my first year placement I will be qualified to work as an assistant in nursing (AIN). Therefore, once I complete my placement I will ensure I work hard to attain a job in the field. It would be preferable to land a job at Seasons or Logan Hospital seeing as they are near my house. I will try my best to maintain this job all throughout my
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