Nursing Research: Lowering Rates of Infection in the Operating Room

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This work will identify key terms used and the databases to conduct the research for this study. This study will involve consideration of what is known currently by the researcher about the topic and what additional information would be needed to answer the question. Also addressed will be how the relevant information would be extracted from the articles and how the information would be organized in a useful manner. Finally, this study will consider how the step from having useful knowledge to gaining wisdom would occur.
Databases, Research Terms, and Information Extraction
The subject researched in this study is that of lowering rates of infection in the operating room. The search term used for researching this subject was 'lowering infection rates in the operating room'. This search term was input in the Pubmed database and returned five studies. Each of the studies was queried by abstract and reviewed for relevant information. The second database used for research in this study was the AHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) database and the term used for research was 'operating room infection rates' which yielded 49 results. The five most relevant studies by title were chosen and then compared using the AHRQ comparison of…

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