Nursing Research Questions: Community Programs for Substance Abuse

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Nursing Research Questions: Community Programs for Substance Abuse: Substance abuse is one of the major issues affecting the community since many young people are either involved in the use of illicit drugs or the illicit use of legitimate drugs. As a result of this pressing issue, it's important for various stakeholders to be actively involved in helping young people involved in substance abuse. The involvement of community members and leaders in fighting substance abuse is also fueled by the fact that drug abuse is a problem that can be dealt with effectively at the community level. The involvement of these stakeholders is through developing and implementing substance abuse programs that are relevant. In my community, there are various community programs that are developed to reach young people, adults, and family members with drug abuse prevention services through Daytop. The two programs are Daytop Parents Educating Parents (DPEP) and Speakers Bureau that carry out community events and school presentations to educate people regarding the effects of substance abuse ("Community Involvement", n.d.). The DPEP Program focuses on early detection in which parents are educated on how to recognize the warning signs of substance abuse in young people. Through information provided in this program, parents are prepared to intervene in the initial stages of substance abuse. On the contrary, the Daytop Speakers Bureau offers insight into various topics for schools, social groups,
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