Nursing Research Utilization Project

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Nursing Research Utilization Project: The nursing profession has experienced several challenges and emerging issues in the recent past that have significant impacts on the health and wellbeing of the society. Some of the major challenges facing this field include nurses' commitment to their work, their etiquette while working, shortage of nurses, meeting patients' expectations, and their dedication to their profession and patients. While there have been numerous attempts to address these issues, the nursing field has proven to be difficult in completely adopting the changes suggested in every stage. The major challenge for this profession that necessitates the need for urgent measures to deal with is shortage of nurses, which continues to increase from a national and global level. Therefore, there is an increased need to address the evolving challenge through developing an appropriate project and measures. The proposed project to deal with the issue is the Nursing Research Utilization Project managed by Eric Imondi with UOPX as its affiliation. The project seeks to deal with the shortage of nurses, which has a depressing effect on the health care sector and could result in significant problems on the health care system such as the increase in the rate of pandemics. The highly recommended solution to the nursing shortage problem is hiring graduate nurses to fill the existing gaps and retaining the currently employed nurses. The hiring of graduate nurses would require the
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