Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal

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Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Abstract The issue of controlling and preventing hospital-acquired infections is a major problem in the Healthcare system. Most patients admitted to hospitals are at some risk of contracting a hospital-acquired infection (Paterson, 2012). Some patients are more vulnerable than others; these include the elderly, patients with defective immune systems, and premature babies. Hospital-acquired infections remain a major concern, and they can occur in any care setting, including acute care within hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, clinics, and long-term care facilities (such as nursing homes or rehab centers). Four categories account for 75% of all acquired infections in the acute care…show more content…
In some cases, patients die from the infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that approximately two million people acquire infections while in the hospital each year, and approximately 90,000 of these patients die as a result of their infections (Limaye, Mastrangelo, & Zerr, 2008). All of these negative reports suggest it is very important and necessary for healthcare providers to focus on an evidence- based confirmed clinical practice solution to help eliminate hospital-acquired infections. 3. Project objective that is specific, realistic, and measurable The outcome objective for this project is for nurses from the cardiac unit of Greenville Hospital System who attend the infection control educational classes to score a 95% or higher on the post test after each training session in order to evaluate employee knowledge on the topic. Any employee who scores less than 95% on the posttest will need to repeat the training session. The infection class will begin first week of August for the cardiac staff nurses and the last two weeks of July for selected charge nurses who will help facilitate during the implementation of the educational program. 4. Brief solution description and rationale The way to reduce and eliminate infections in the hospital is to develop the proposed evidence-based solution of implementing an educational program with different training sessions to
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