Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Section D Essay

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Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Sally Martin Torres NUR 598 September 11, 2011 Dr. Veta Massey Nursing Research Utilization Project Proposal Section D: Methods of Implementation Health care throughout the history has shown many changes. Every change brings in challenges in a workplace because change is more often met with resistance. It also brings in innovative ideas that steers the organization’s advancement and performance. The major motivation of change in this organization is to sustain a successful future in its continuum. For change to succeed, brilliant strategy, and clever implementation are necessary (Gandossy and Sonnenfield, 2004). Organizing the Plan The problem that was stated in Part A of this…show more content…
The staffs’ participation is crucial because they are the ones who will embrace the change; therefore, teamwork is paramount to sustain the continuity of change (Spector, 2010). Use of Theoretical a Model The Lewin’s theory of change is a fitted model for this intervention. Lewin depicted the three- stage process that will guide the implementation successfully (Borkowski, 2005). Unfreezing: The resisting forces perceive the idea of change; this phase is the preparation stage for the entire organization (Borkowski, 2005). Change movement: this is the stage for training staff. Modification of policies for medication administration by nurse managers and the pharmacy director will take place here (Borkowski, 2005). Refreezing: The new goals are highlighted in this phase, and staff nurses start to embrace the change as they get comfortable with the new routine (Borkowski, 2005). Budget Proposal The budget was summarized in the appendix I section of this paper. The total financial cost to the department would be $6,840.00 for the whole duration of the change implementation. Practicality of Implementation Inclusion of evidence-based practice in nursing for this proposed solution fosters quality of care. The integration of nursing knowledge with the best available evidence will improve patient outcomes and will save lives (Estabrooks, 1998). The implementation of the red disposable apron
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