Nursing Roles and Values Task One

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Nursing Roles and Values Task One Western Governors University State Regulations and Nursing Standards The State of Tennessee Board of Nursing’s Rules and Regulations of Registered Nurses, Rule # 1000-01-.13-1r states that unprofessional conduct is defined in part by "failing to take appropriate action in safeguarding the patient from incompetent health care practices" (State of Tennessee, 2011). There are a number of arguments in this case study that incompetent health care practices are being performed, from the decision to place a patient on a ventilator for an oxygen saturation of 88%, circumventing the patient’s written and verbal advanced directives, utilizing an unauthorized family member to get consent for…show more content…
The nurse failed to mention the patient’s advanced directive at any point. Ethics of Putting Patient on Ventilator The chief ethical implication is the violation of the patient’s desire to not be intubated and go on the ventilator. The patient has an advanced directive, a legal document, which clearly states that he does not want to be on a ventilator. The patient does not appear to have changed his mind since the document was drawn up, as evidenced by the patient shaking his head and stating “no” when confronted with the physician’s desire to place the patient on the respirator. Another ethical implication is whether or not the patient will be able to be removed from the ventilator after being placed on it. Studies have shown that patients who are on ventilators for long periods of time become dependent on the ventilator and are unable to be removed from it. For some very ill patients, there is still a risk for ventilator dependence even if the intubation is for a short time. The patient may be at risk for having to be attached for a substantial period of time to the device that he explicitly refused, if he is ever able to come off of it (Purro er al., 2010). Ethics of Authorizing Ventilator Mr. Y may have a number of ethical considerations to weigh before agreeing to authorize
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