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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 302 Health Assessment: Part I REQUIRED UNIFORM ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES PART 1: THE HEALTH HISTORY PURPOSE Before any nursing plan of care or intervention can be implemented or evaluated, the nurse assesses the individual through the collection of both subjective and objective data. The data collected are used to determine areas of need or problems to be addressed by the nursing care plan. This assignment will focus on collecting subjective assessment data, synthesizing the data, and on identifying health/wellness priorities based on the findings. The purpose of the assignment is two-fold:   To recognize the interrelationships of subjective data (physiological, psychosocial,…show more content…
The person interviewed must be 18 years of age or older and should NOT be a family member or close friend. The purpose of this restriction is to avoid any tendency to anticipate answers or to influence how the questions are answered. Your goal in choosing an interviewee is to simulate the interaction between you and an individual for whom you would provide care. It is important that you inform the person of your assignment and assure him/her that the information obtained will be kept confidential. Please be sure to avoid the use of any identifiers in preparing the assignment. Health History components to be included:  Demographic data  Perception of health  Past Medical History (including medications, allergies, and vaccinations/immunizations) NR 302 RUA 022216 LS 1 Chamberlain College of Nursing         NR 302 Health Assessment: Part I Family Medical History Review of Systems Developmental considerations Cultural considerations Psychosocial considerations If you were to perform a physical assessment, which body system would be a top priority for evaluation and why? List two teaching/learning need priorities for this individual (Consider Age, Psychosocial, Cultural, Lifespan concerns) Collaborative resources (Think Community, Family, Groups,

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