Nursing Scholarship Essay

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Three Healthy, Calorie-Free Reasons to Select Me Little did I know at the time, my first experience with nursing occurred when I learned to count calories in the sixth grade. It was a slightly misguided attempt to maximize my health. This small understanding of what it means to seek health started the bit of snow rolling that began to collect a bit more snow and a bit more, and it took rolling through much more experience and exploration to turn this tiny bit of snow into the more comprehensive understanding of health, nutrition and nursing that I have today – the large snowball. I’m not going to talk about calories now. The snowball has grown much larger than that, growing much as the field of nursing has grown: to encompass the…show more content…
I have worked in a range of care environments, from government-run to alternative community to private business. Furthermore, five years of college, including study in the sciences and psychology, as well as yoga teacher training, have prepared me for the academic study needed to succeed in nursing school and the continuing education necessary to be a quality professional in the field. Finally, my own personal challenges with reproductive health and hormonal issues have taken me through the ins and outs of both the mainstream and alternative health care worlds and energized my interest in holistic nursing. I am devoted to the full RN track, and chose a bachelor’s program at Mesa State because of the thoroughness and depth of the curriculum, which I believe will provide the most solid and well-rounded understanding of what it means to be a nurse. Zooming in on my work in the human services, and how it called upon my role as a critical thinker, I will describe a specific scenario. As a case manager at an acute treatment unit for clients with mental illness, I was called upon to help certain clients with their discharge plans (also called relapse prevention plans). I remember a particular client, a man in his sixties who complained primarily of depression and suicidal thoughts. The process of completing his discharge plan involved a number of critical thinking skills. I needed to determine the best way to
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