Nursing School Admission Essay Sample

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My initial interest in nursing began from my experience with my grandmother. It was in the fall of 2007 when my grandmother was sent to the hospital due to hypernatremia. My dad would pick me up every afternoon from school to visit my grandmother. I was given the responsibility to look after my grandma for nearly two weeks that includes in feeding her, assisting her, and other light duties. What fascinate me during my visits in the hospital were the nurses who assisted and took care of my grandma. They treated my grandma with dignity, kindness, compassion, courtesy, respect, understanding, and love. Their commitment, professionalism, dedication, determination and skills inspired me to pursue a career in the medical field. From that point, I realized that nursing is a field that enables people impact other people’s lives and make a difference. At 9 years old, being a nurse was a childhood dream and now I am at the point of turning my dream into reality. I want to study and pursue my dream registered nursing at Ryerson University that offers a nursing degree program that focuses on developing student’s critical thinking skills, ability to analyze reflectively and apply theory through community health focused practice making Ryerson one of the best nursing schools in Canada.
Every summer I volunteer as a group leader in a one week long
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I do not see myself going to a different university other than Ryerson because of the great nursing program that your formidable school offers. This is why I choose Ryerson to hone my capabilities to become not just a successful nurse, but a nurse who displays confidence in treating patients with love, care and knowledge. I believe that I possess the skills, motivation and knowledge needed to successfully finish the course with flying colors and eventually get a job with the endless opportunities I would get from graduating at
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