Nursing Science And Science Of Nursing

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Nursing is a systematic science which encompasses intellectual and practical activities that study the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world of caring for diseased patients in a hospital or clinical setting through observation and experiment. The issue about the difference between the “Nursing Science” and “Science of Nursing” had recently been addressed at a meeting of international scholars in Europe when the discussion of the idea of advancing nursing knowledge was held. Most of the attended personnel at the conference were certain that “Nursing Science” connotes and denotes the unique aggregation of knowledge planted in the extant nursing structure and theories that is developed continuously through research and creative conceptualization. On the other hand, in discussing the expression “Science of Nursing”, the precision in defining it was not so clear. It definitely did not seem to have the same meaning as nursing science. Many participants seemed to believe that the construct “Science of Nursing” was related to government or other agencies funded projects of research that focus on the concern with attributes and characteristics of disease-related situations in populations and with issues surrounding healthcare systems. Broome (2014) seemed to agree when she wrote about the nursing research “funding dilemma.” She said in her editorial, “Revisioning the Science of Nursing,” that nurse scientists study health problems and generate “knowledge,

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