Nursing Sensitive Indicators

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Nursing Sensitive Indicators: Organizational Systems Gleidis Angeles Western Governors University Nursing Sensitive Indicators: Organizational Systems The knowledge of nursing sensitive indicator can be helpful in providing the patient care which meets the quality and ethical standards. Nursing sensitive indicators rely on evidence to take patient care decisions (Patrician, 2010). According to Patrician (2010), Evidence Based Nursing is the use of personal expertise and research to take decisions on patient care. In case of Mr. J, there is a clear lack of evidence based nursing. Mr. J was kept in restraint without considering that Mr. J was not trying to get out of bed by himself. When the pressure ulcer was identified, the nurse…show more content…
The mix up could have happened due to carelessness of incorrect records or some other reason. A plan will be devised to make necessary changes to avoid such mistake. In case of Mr. J, the possible cause of the mix up could be a lack of communication among nursing and dietary staff. A policy for eliminating communication barrier will be devised so that the dietary concerns of patients a communicated to dietary staff. After this the daughter of Mr. J will be communicated about the incident and the cause of the food mix up. An apology will be made and she will also be told about the steps which the hospital is taking to make sure that this does not happen again. This insurance is to make the family believe that the hospital is sensitive about every concern of the patient. If necessary the Rabbi of Mr. J will be called to give his opinion on the matter. After satisfying the patient and family, a report of the incident will be given to hospital administrator. The report shall include an explanation of the event and the necessary changes which have been made to make sure such mistake is not repeated. References Doran, D., & Almost, J. (2003). Nursing sensitive outcomes: The state of the science. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Foulkes, M. (2011). Nursing metrics: measuring quality in patient care. Nursing Standard, 25(42), 40. Foster, J. G., & Prevost, S. E.
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