Nursing Sensitive Indicators

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A. Understanding Nursing-Sensitive Indicators Nursing sensitive indicators are important to identify the structure, process, and outcome of evaluating nursing care. The effects of nursing sensitive indicator are used to assist in planning and derive programs to increase the quality and safety of patient care by nurses. Nursing sensitive indicators involve Structural, Process and Outcome indicators. (The 3 Types of Nursing Sensitive Indicators, 2011) Structural indicators include the quantity of nurses available, and skill, education or certification level of the nursing staff. Process indicators measure techniques of assessment and nursing interventions, as well as job satisfaction of nurses. The quantity or quality of nursing care will define and improve the outcome of the indicators. A prime example of areas that use nursing sensitive indicators are falls, UTI’s, DVT’s and pressure ulcers. Staff information and education within nursing sensitive indicators will offer improvement in patient care. Staff attitude and communication also need to be examined and improved with nursing sensitive indicators. The nurses and CNA could utilized the Nursing Sensitive Indicators in the scenario of Mr. J. The education of what the ‘red area’ as described by the CNA on the patients’ lower spine was valuable knowledge. This was the start of a pressure ulcer. Repositioning the patient could have assisted the patient with prevention of further breakdown of the skin and the
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