Nursing Shortage : A Difference Between Supply And Demand Of Registered Nurses

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Nursing shortage refers as a difference between supply and demand of registered nurses (RN) and turnover refers to the loss of an employee due to transfer, termination, or resignation (Huber, 2014). Worldwide, Hospitals are experiencing nursing shortage despite of intervention and innovation attempt. Nursing shortages can lead to longer working hours under stressful situation that can result in fatigue, burnout, medical errors, mistake, and job dissatisfaction which can endanger patients’ safety and quality of care (American Nurses Association, 2015). Hospital leaning toward the profit making is also adding up nursing dissatisfaction. Therefore, visionary leader and manager can help to resolve these issues and promote the friendly working environment to reduce the nursing shortage, turnover, dissatisfaction and safety issues. In this paper, the writer explains the necessary steps that manager and leaders need to take to minimize the nursing shortage based on philosophy of nursing, organizational structure along with the writer’s personal approach finding the solution of the problem. Comparison of Leadership and Management Approaches to deal with the issue Nursing manager bears the responsibility for smoothly running the organization by ensuring each staff performed their job appropriately and correctly as per set standard. Therefore manager has to take an appropriate approach assessing working environment, adequate staffing, flexibility in work and schedule, patient nurse

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