Nursing Shortage And Its Effects On Health Care Policy

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Nursing Shortage Nursing shortage is one of the most prominent issue healthcare faces in todays’ world. According to Bureau of Statistic, the projected increased of registered nurse employments by year 2018 is estimated to grow more than five hundred thousands of new registered nurses positions and about an increase in size in workforce by 22 percent (Carol Huston, 2014, p. 71). Nursing shortage arises when organizations want more nursing personnel in the workforce at the current market than they can get. Supply and demands aspects of increasing numbers of populations are driving the shortage as well. The demands means the amounts of high quality of care driven by the registered nurse in there positions that the organizations willing to attain at the given value. Moreover, the supply is the amount of good services nurses provides in their care. Registered nurses are growing at a minimum rate; however, large numbers of nurses are anticipated to retire soon. In addition, nursing shortage directly impacts health care policy in many ways. The insufficient supply of essential personnel such as registered nurses cause stressors for the hospitals. The inadequate nursing staffing increases the risk for adverse patients outcome, such as mortality and poor quality of care, as well as, increase operation, labor costs, and liability. Failure to solve the current shortage in nursing can cause desire effects of people untrusting themselves to healthcare (Alexandre & Glazer, 2008).
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