Nursing Shortage: Causes, Concerns, and Impacts

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Nursing Shortage: As many people in the United States are increasingly desperate for an employment opportunity, the nursing field or profession continues to have a huge need for staff. According to studies by employment services, the nursing profession is regularly ranked as one of the hot hiring sectors of the coming decade. Nonetheless, the supply of staff in this field seems not to catch up with the demand for nurses despite of the increased rate of unemployment. The need for more nurses in this field in the future originates from the aging baby boomer population and the increase in the number of aging nurses who are expected to retire. While the recent economic downturn has eased the nursing shortage momentarily, it's expected that the shortage of nurses will continue in the coming years. The Nursing Profession: Generally, the nursing profession comprises of three kinds of workers i.e. licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse aides. Registered nurses are state-licensed practitioners holding associate degrees and are expected to offer direct patient care and manage nursing care. On the contrary, licensed practical nurses are also licensed by the states though their main function is to provide patient care under the supervision and guidance of a physician or registered nurse. Notably, the licensed practical nurses are required to complete approximately one-and-a-half of training. As practitioners assisting in regular care activities, nurse aides may
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