Nursing Shortage In Nursing

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How nervous and worried should one patient be when he or she presses the call button for a nurse and they don’t show up for an hour? Nurses are becoming worried because of their departments are very understaffed and are scared that their patients are in danger. I conducted an interview with Jeanne Kenndey from Ivinson hospital in Laramie Wyoming, and she stated; “we really short-staffed and we can't schedule for the Acuity and the amount of patients we get so we just have to work with what we have and hope for the best so it's really unpredictable of how we are going to be able to take care of people” She described to me why it was this way; “ yesterday was really hard we were really busy you were short-staffed and we had a bunch of sick patients that if anything had gone wrong it could have been really bad” Even in small towns being short staffed is becoming an issue and every nurse is scared that their department will fail in an attempt to save everyone. In a study ran by multiple individuals who have their PHD such as; Linda H Aikens, PHD, RN; they found that in the hospital setting every 100 patients who died where with nurses who were assigned 4 patients, but 131 patients died when nurses were assigned 8 patients. ( Nursing shortage is a scary idea for everyone, but it has been a well-known problem to America for the past couple of years. The shortage has resulted from a number of factors but the main one is
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