Nursing Shortage Of Clinical Nurses

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Introduction In today’s society, there is a growing need for practicing nurses, clinically and academically. This is the main focus of this paper, along with the articles that support it. It is stated that there is not only a global shortage of clinical nurses, but there is also a nursing faculty shortage. This impacts the quality of education future nurses will receive, which will then affect how they provide quality patient care. Many practicing nurses are approaching retirement and/or have gone into other fields. Nurses, essentially, become academically involved later in their career path, which leaves the clinical setting short on available nurses. (Nardi & Gyurko, 2013.) Literature Review In (Nardi & Gyurko’s, 2013.) summary, it…show more content…
With leaderships addressing growing issues, it is hoped that solutions will come about from planning, experimenting and implementing. While the academic aspect of the shortage is extremely important, the general public needs clinical nurses who have experience and skill. Technology allows the learning part of nursing to be expanded. A lot of teaching occurs over the internet and the teacher to student ratio is increasing. If younger nurses went into the academic part of nursing, it may be feared that they don’t have enough clinical experience to base their teachings off of. Within (Young, Acord, Schuler & Hansen’s, 2014) article, it discusses the poor funding that the public healthcare is receiving. The shortage of the nursing faculty to teach new nurses is also growing. The challenges that the public healthcare system is experiencing is cause for concern on how to keep new nurses from leaving the field and/or to encourage these newer nurses to move into the academic area. The Quad Council created a paper in which they addressed the nursing shortage and put forth 18 recommendations to try and solve this issue. The issue of diversity also made an appearance in regards to persons of color and males within the nursing field. A study called Raising the Bar was put to test as WCN Scholars tried to make a 15% increase of C/PH nurses in specific
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