Nursing Shortage and Nurse Turnover

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Nursing shortage and Nurse Turnover The ongoing instability evidenced from the high mobility of qualified nurses in the nursing workforce has raised many questions about the issue of nursing shortage and nurse turnover (Gates & Jones, 2007). The paper below discusses the issues of nursing shortage and nurse turnover. The paper also describes how leaders as well as managers in the nursing fraternity and other leaders can resolve those problems effectively and the different applicable principles, skills, roles of the leader, and theories of leadership and management. There are various factors that are contributing to the current nursing shortage and turnover. Apparently the major contributing factors in the USA are a population of nurses that are getting older without adequate replacement, there are fewer than expected faculties dedicated to nursing, there are more career fields opening up particularly for women hence the alternative choices instead of nursing, federal government's failure to fund the nursing education across the country, generally unpleasant working conditions and terms, poor retention of the nurses as well as an overstretched hence overworked nursing staff. According to Paller (2012), the nursing shortage in different countries for example the United States tends not to be the only growing problem, but has also become a complex one. Nursing shortage and nurse's turnover has become the worsening predicament in the health care industry in the United
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