Nursing Staff Is A Crucial Part Of The Healthcare Organizations

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Nursing staff is a crucial part of the healthcare organizations such as hospitals and LTC facilities. Organizations want to scale back on the number of nurses but because their role is such an important part of patient care, scaling back goes without a cost to the quality of care that patients receive. In addition, this creates an avenue for low retention rates for nurses and can affect the recruitment status as well. An organization that hires low rate of nursing staff will have a difficult time recruiting experienced nurses. An organization that fails to retain nurses, spends money to replace that nurse. Orientation and training of new staff members can be approximately $82000.00 for replacing nurses (Kerfoot, 2015). From…show more content…
They can obtain various amounts of experience in different levels of care but are in jeopardy of burnout (Tummers, Groeneveld, & Lankhaar, 2013, p. xx). Having few nurses working creates an overwhelming atmosphere for the nurses and they become stressed and overworked. Second, there is very little training and education that nurses in LTC facilities receive which can inhibit their growth and create a feeling of unworthiness. Third, LTC care nurses pay is not comparable to those in a hospital setting for less patient work load, knowledge and education that they develop. Forth, opportunity of growth is limited in a LTC facility. (Coomber & Barriball 2007). Fifth, lack of exceptional leadership in management of the LTC facilities key operations and processes. How well do they take a nurse’s suggestions in consideration in the development of new and existing procedures? Comprehension Organizational structures used by long term care facilities are vertical structures that consist of differentiation. They are popular with nursing homes because LTC facilities have several employees that perform comparable responsibilities (Schedler, 2014). For example, Global Nursing home health, Inc. follows the vertical structure with differentiation. There is a five-tier vertical structure beginning with the management company, board of directors. Medical center, medical director, director of nursing and
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