Nursing Strategies: Countering Workplace Conflict With Positive Communication

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At various times of our daily life, there is a need to express ourselves well. It could be in a presentation of a work in college, or in the delegation of a task. Knowing how to communicate is fundamental, and will make a difference. In your presented situation, both parties didn’t communicate well. It is unbelievable to think that the way that the experienced nurse talked to the novice nurse created this whole situation. And all of this could have been different, if the experienced nurse used a different type of communication and approach.
The way you communicate can create or resolve a situation, and according to an American Sentinel online article that are some approaches that people could use to avoid conflict. One of them is empathizing, and putting ourselves in the other person’s shoes. Another one is to avoid becoming defensive, and using sarcasm (n.d.)
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However, this relationship goes beyond a simple exchange of information and requires an understanding of what was transmitted, and in my opinion this one the biggest challenge.
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