Nursing Students As A Nurse

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Question In nursing schools around the world, nursing students, in particular, are known for being pushed to the brink. It’s a simple technique, considering that you’re preparing them for careers where they are on their toes day-in and day-out, catering to the needs and well-being of others all the while managing the high demand of a post-secondary education. Sure, we all have deadlines and things to do in a day, but are we pushing them too far? Are nursing students becoming too stressed? Why? And how do we fix this? Or are we just weeding out those that can’t handle the stress and are not prepared to handle a career as a nurse? Rationale This is an important question in our society as the world is gradually needing more and more nurses present in hospitals, emergency crews and long-term care facilities. Not everyone, though they think that they are able, can handle the stressful day-to-day challenges of being a nursing student and, eventually, a nurse. As described in our online class, biological stress is a “physiological reaction to stressful events.” For many students, especially around the months of November and December, as well as March and April, the amount of homework begins to pile up as midterms come to an end, and, final exams grow closer and closer. As such, our brain perceives the accumulation of essays, final exams and deadlines as stressors. I believe that this is an important question to answer as though there are stressors in the everyday working lives
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