Nursing Teaching Project Essay

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According to Hall and Ross-Kerr (2006) teaching is an interactive process that promotes learning. Generally, teaching and learning begin when a person identifies a need for knowing or acquiring an ability to do something. A nurse, who embodies the role of a teacher provides information that prompts the client to engage in activities that lead to desired change. Teaching is most effective when it responds to the learner’s needs (Potter, Perry, Ross-Kerry, & Wood, 2006, p. 318). In this paper I will include an assessment of the learner, teacher, and resources with a teaching plan. I will provide evidence of implementation along with discussion of teaching material used in the presentation, including the rationale for its use. The paper will…show more content…
(Rankin, Stallings, & London, 2004, p 190). Detailed assessments facilitate the vital information about the learner, the teacher and resources available. To understand the patient’s unique situation I will systematically collect, verify, and analyze data. The client is the primary source while family, medical records and health professionals are secondary sources. In the paper I conduct Mrs. Patel’s complete physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual assessment. During the initial assessment interview with Mrs. Patel she stated “I was feeling very worried and anxious after his [Mr. Patel] death, I just kept thinking about what will happen now and how will I manage everything without him; I feel so alone” . She also said “the worry prevented me from sleeping the whole night, I stopped going out, even stopped going to temple every Sunday; the only social contact I had”. After the death of her husband in November 2010, she was feeling isolated and stressed out during that time she diagnosed with diabetes. Initially, she was prescribed oral medication and she was checking her blood sugar once a month. She informed me that “once I got good a blood glucose result constantly for 3 times I thought that checking my blood sugar was no longer necessary. I stopped taking my medication and returned to my regular diet”. In addition she stated “within four weeks I experienced frequent
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