Nursing Terminology System Vs. The International Classification Of Nursing Practice

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Nursing Terminology System Comparison
Nursing terminology could be described as the formal and informal communication that occurs in a nurses daily activity. According to McGonigle & Mastrian (2009) nursing terminology allows nurses to communicate nursing data, information and knowledge specific to nursing. In addition, standardized nursing terminology refers to a system. This means they have undergone approval by a specific authority. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is one authority with a standardized nursing practice and information infrastructure committee, which recognizes twelve standardized terminologies, both nursing specific and interdisciplinary (p. 98). The Clinical Care Classification system and the International Classification of Nursing Practice are both recognized by the ANA and will be further explored in this paper. The importance and challenges of implementing a standardized nursing system will be outlined. And, finally a look at a standardized nursing system beneficial to the company the uses it will be presented.
Comparison of Two Nursing Terminology Systems
McGonigle & Mastrian (2009) describe the Clinical Care Classification (CCC) system as two interrelated terminologies, linked by a common framework of care components related to nursing diagnoses, nursing outcomes, nursing interventions and nursing actions. The International Classification of Nursing Practice (ICNP) was created to support the development and facilitate cross mapping of local…
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