Nursing Terminology System Vs. The International Classification Of Nursing Practice

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Nursing Terminology System Comparison Nursing terminology could be described as the formal and informal communication that occurs in a nurses daily activity. According to McGonigle & Mastrian (2009) nursing terminology allows nurses to communicate nursing data, information and knowledge specific to nursing. In addition, standardized nursing terminology refers to a system. This means they have undergone approval by a specific authority. The American Nurses Association (ANA) is one authority with a standardized nursing practice and information infrastructure committee, which recognizes twelve standardized terminologies, both nursing specific and interdisciplinary (p. 98). The Clinical Care Classification system and the International…show more content…
The CCC system’s major developer is Dr. Virginia K. Saba. Dr. Saba has pioneered the integration of computer technology and nursing. The ICNP was developed by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to cover diagnoses, nursing actions and nursing outcomes as it relates to nursing phenomenon (p. 99). The CCC website (2012) describes this system of nursing terminology as a “unique coding structure for assessing, documenting, and classifying patient care by nurses and other clinical professionals in any health care setting” ( The CCC system serves nursing as well as other health care providers such as physical, occupational and speech therapists and medical social workers. The ICN website (2015) reports ICNP was created to improve worldwide healthcare as an integral part of the global information infrastructure to influence health care practice and policy. This database is intended for use by nurses, who can describe and report in detail, nursing assessments and interventions, as opposed to being a system for other clinical healthcare professionals. The ICNP is reported reliable to support care and effective decision making and useful for nursing education, research and health policy ( The CCC website (2012) states there are a total of 176 nursing diagnoses and 804 concepts and core interventions to make up the nursing interventions and actions. There are a total of 21 care components representing functional,
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