Nursing : The Core Value Of Integrity In Nursing

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Nurses follow the morals of acting honestly, fairly, and ethically while caring for the needy. They must hold colleagues to the highest standards of ethical conduct and professionalism. Additionally, nurses must show accountability in providing quality, safe care towards their patients. This is the core value of integrity, which nurses should uphold at all times. This paper will discuss the value of integrity in nursing and describe examples of the use and lack of integrity. Integrity is being honest and exhibiting a professional code of ethics (Shaw &Degazon, 2008). Additionally, integrity is simply doing what is right. It is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle (American Nurses Association, 2015). Florence Nightingale stated, “Be everyday more and more real, honest, and thorough in your nursing work” (Dossey, 56). Nightingale is a model of integrity in the nursing profession. She stood up and did what needed to be done for her patients, despite opposition from others (Dossey, 2005). Nurses have topped the Gallup’s annual polls on honesty and ethics for the past fifteen years (Norman, 2016). Trust is a key component of relationships and certainly involves honesty. This Gallup pole indicates the importance of the nursing profession to healthcare. Nurses are patient advocates and at the bedside on a consistent basis. Likewise, they are the ones caring for patients in their most vulnerable states. Therefore, nurses must display integrity at all times. In a profession that relies on honesty and trust, it is important for nurses to regularly evaluate their integrity and look for ways to improve it. Integrity is crucial to the nursing profession because it creates trust with others. This sense of trust facilitates open communication with patients and colleagues (Ridge, 2015). For proper communication to occur between a nurse and patient, honesty and sincerity are required. Good communication improves the quality of care provided to patients. Integrity driven nurses, possess a strong sense of themselves and act in ways of doing what is right consistently. Consequently, healthcare focuses on holistic care, meaning all aspects of a patient’s life must be considered, and the only way this

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