Nursing : The Effects Of Self-Care In Nursing

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The Effects of Self-Care in Nursing Brooke Bernard Denver School of Nursing The Effects of Self-Care in Nursing Physical and emotional self-care could be the deciding factor between a good nurse and great nurse. Without taking care of ones self, a nurse cannot take on the responsibility of caring for others. This topic is important to address and is essential for a healthy population, in nursing or not. Self care helps you become more proactive and productive by preventing burn out, reducing stress, and refocusing. This paper will contain the benefit of self-care to your emotional state of well being, as well as the attention to this topic including the problem with self-care, in that it is misunderstood and underused. Nursing and self-care should go hand and hand; therefore this paper will dive in to the current research, insight, and discussions on this topic, in hopes for a healthier and improved nursing career as well as personal life. The first portion of this paper will cover the current research that relates to the topic of self-care. Kathleen Cino (2016) wrote an article on Learning Balance: Self- Care in Nursing Curriculum and she discusses the thoughts on finding balance between the work of nursing and working on ourselves. The author talks about the importance of allowing time for reflection and relaxation. Allowing personal time for these matters allows for better, quality care to patients, and being able to teach patients

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