Nursing : The Importance Of Self-Care For Nurses

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Self-Care: For Nurses The importance of self-care for nurses is a necessity in order to be effective in their role, but it is a tool that is often under-utilized. Nurses are often trained to understand the importance of caring for others. It is imbedded in their brains. In healthcare, self-care is any activity we do purposefully in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health (Blum, 2014, p.1). Self-care can help a nurse cope with common stressors such as feeling overworked, overwhelmed, undervalued, or frustrated, which can often lead to exhaustion, tension, and fatigue. In today’s world, nurses experience a higher amount of stress due to increase in work hours, work responsibilities, and increase in patient loads. Research studies have shown that there is value in educating nurses about self-care not only to the individual but to the organization as well. There are several self-care techniques that can be easily learned and implemented over a short period of time that can make a positive impact. Nurses are often drawn to the medical profession because of their compassion, and dedication to helping others, but one must remember to care for themselves so they can effectively care for others.
Recognizing Stress
“Self-care is imperative to personal health, sustenance to continue to care for others, and professional growth” (Blum, 2014, p.1). According to Blum (2014), it is important to care for one self in order to be able to care for others and for your
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