Nursing: The Perfect Career For Me. Since I Was A Little

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Nursing: The Perfect Career for Me Since I was a little girl I had always dreamed of working within the medical field. I dreamed of becoming a doctor, but as I got older my dream started to become more realistic, and found out that I needed too much schooling. So, I decided that I no longer wanted to be a doctor, instead I wanted to pursue a career within the medical field, as a nurse. Based on the personality type quiz that I took on Blog things I found out that my personality was ISFJ, and through the sort of careers from Ball State University I found out that one of the careers picked, from within the sort was a career in Nursing. I want to become a Nurse because of my experience of volunteering at a Nursing home, and because of the…show more content…
As I improve these aspects within my career my salary will also raise by simply improving my personality and learning from all these aspects of the career I want to pursue. First, and most important part of becoming a nurse is learning about the social environment within the nursing field. “With the global need for nurses, nursing is a guaranteed life long career that is mobile and flexible. Think about the career flexibility in nursing- mobility, and a challenging patient assignment everyday-….” (Chandler 37). I learned that with in the nursing field I must learn to be flexible, and have mobility to succeed in the field. For instance, “nurses work in hospitals, physician’s office, schools and nursing facilities” (college Hospitals, physician’s office, schools and nursing homes are all part of a social environment in which I must learn to communicate with coworkers and patients to help the patient, and my coworkers come up with the best plan of care for the patient. I learned that the typical social environment within the career is fast paced and very time demanding. For instance, the career in nursing is demanding. Nurses work around the clock, meaning that they work holidays and weekends and, as they are needed. It will be hard to get used to this type of schedule because based on my personality skills I am a nurturing and caring person, meaning that I am very family oriented. However, I like to care for people so much that it does not
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