Nursing : The Practice Of Nursing Essay

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Over the last few centuries, nursing has undergone evolution. Through countless evolutions, many theorist contributed to what they would believe is important to nursing. Although, many theorist all have their own idea for nursing, they all share the same core idea: the desire to seek help for the patient. One of the ideas that theorist have the tendency to focus on is the practice of nursing. To this day nurses would admit that preparation to becoming a nurse is a difficult task. Mostly because the practice of nursing consists of many things to follow in order be a great nurse for the patient. To make the preparation less difficult for nurses or nurse to be, Ida Jean Orlando contributed to the Discipline of the Nursing Process to further prepare those in nursing. The Discipline of Nursing Process is a theoretical approach to nursing that follows a nurse-to-patient relationship that would improve the patient’s behavior to seek beneficence and autonomy of the patient (Orlando, 1972). This provides nurses or upcoming nurse the strategies to deal with real life circumstances in nursing and improves the skills of the nurse to improve a patient care. This piece will focus on the theorist, Ida Jean Orlando, the meaning of the nursing process and the reasons for the nursing process, any discrepancies that may be associated with nursing such as medical procedures and professional nurses, studies associated with the use of the nursing process and how the nursing process influence
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