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A grand theory in nursing would be Doretha Orem’s self care theory. This theory encompasses the entire concept of nursing in the fact that it states individuals will strive to meet healthcare needs to maintain health and wellness. This is very broad, can not be tested and is used in a variety of settings and populations. Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory is that all patients want to care for themselves, and they are able to recover more quickly and holistically by performing their own self-care as much as they're ablethat it can easily be applied to a variety of nursing situations and patients. The generality of its principles and concepts make it easily adaptable to different settings, and nurses and patients can work together to…show more content…
The theory of self-care is a component of the theory of self-care deficit." This theory contains the entire concept of nursing. It states that individuals will try to meet healthcare needs in order to maintain health and wellness. It is very broad, cannot be tested, and encompasses the entire patient population in a variety of settings. Middle range theories focus on experiences that are commonly recognized in nursing, are more narrow in scope, and have some measurability. Mishel’s Uncertanity in Illness Theory was formed specifically for nurses to understand how patients comprehend illness and the stress that comes with it and how patients handle that stress. Mishel was able to measure this with the Mishel Uncertanity in Illness Scale. The ability to measure stress that a patient may have will lead to nursing interventions to help reduce stress, help patients to adapt and cope with hospitilization therefore helping the patient recover quicker. Virginia Henderson's Nature of Nursing theory assumes nurses will care for patients until the patient can care for themselves. It could be argued that it is a grand theory because it is complex and covers whole practice of nursing. I believe it can also be a practice theory due to the fact that she developed fourteen specific activities for client assistance. Nurses use these specific activities everyday when caring for

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